What I read this week #7

I thought that last week went by slowly. I was wrong. The cloudiness and rain made this week go by at a glacial pace (oh hey, The Devil Wears Prada reference). However, I’m glad it is over! Other than the rain, it was a great week. On Tuesday, I attended a workshop hosted by The Design Gym on design thinking and it was great. I’m drafting a review now and you’ll be able to read it soon. Here are some great articles I came across this week.

1. The 23-Point UX Design Checklist
By Fabio Muniz from speckyboy
This is an excellent article that provides a great checklist with an explanation of why each point matters and how to test for them. It’s almost like an UX design dictionary or how-to guide. This article goes to prove that designing UX is an all-inclusive process and that everything from visuals to functions matter.

2. 6 Careers That Involve UX (Whether They Know it or Not)
By Hannah Atkin from General Assembly Blog
I like the idea of collaborating and being in situations where people with different skill sets come together to create something. For me, a lot of these careers seem obvious that it is connected to UX. However, the biggest takeaway is the value of learning how to use each other’s languages to communicate effectively. I definitely think it’s important to do so to complete a collaborative project successfully.

3. Food, Sleep, Exercise: Why You Seriously Need All 3 to Be Successful
By Rhett Power from SUCCESS
I cover the first one. I try with the second and third one. This article is a great reminder as to why a balance of all three are absolutely necessary for success. I’m at a point where I tend to neglect at least one of the three at any given time. Sometimes I sleep for only five hours. I forget to eat. I don’t run enough. I give too many excuses and allow myself to be okay about it. But it really isn’t! I’m a human being at the core of it all so I need to make sure that all my needs are met and that my life is well-balanced.

4. Improve Your Designs With The Principles Of Similarity And Proximity (Part 1)
By Jon Hensley from Smashing Magazine
Learning how to group and categorize information is something I need to do. It’s definitely an art form that takes a while to grasp. This article talks about how we can use the principles of similarity and proximity to understand information perception and organize such a vast landscape of information. It was a good read in terms of alerting me to various ways to go about organizing information. This will be helpful when I learn how to design.

5. Design checklists: What type of designer are you?
By Muriel Garreta Domingo from Interaction Design Foundation
One of the most important responsibilities of a designer is to understand yourself to the best that you can. I like how Muriel discusses the different types of designers and how each of them approach the process. I am not sure where I fit into but blogging helps me understand myself better in terms of how I start with an idea and what I do from there.

6. How to Start a Side Hustle Without Quitting Your Day Job
By Tony Delmercado from Entrepreneur
Everyone talks about the importance and need of a side hustle. In this day and age, it’s important to have more than one source of income. This article provides great pointers on how to manage a side hustle while working a full-time job. There are also great nuggets of encouragement such as the fact that it wont be easy but with patience and persistence, it can also become a rewarding experience.

I’m happy to announce that I just joined the New York Road Runners organization as a member. One of my big goals is to get back in shape and complete the New York City Marathon. I’m challenging myself to complete the 9+1 program through the NYRR so I can qualify for the 2017 marathon. I need you to hold me accountable. I’ve already signed up for three races this summer and you can see which ones in my calendar.




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