What I read this week #5

It’s starting to look and feel like spring in New York City! I’m delighted to finally say that. Since I’m trying to attend more events during the week, I’m spending less time on a laptop blogging. A lot of my ideas start out as random trains of thought on a Google Doc and I have been doing most of the writing on my phone. However, despite being crazy busy, I enjoy it and am learning so much. Blogging is definitely helping me organize my thoughts and learn how to write about them in ways to help readers relate to my content.

1. 4 Tips for Maximizing the User’s Advertising Experience
By Ari Brandt from Entrepreneur
This is a great article for advertising professionals to approach their work with a user-first mindset. These are great pointers to keep in mind when developing digital advertising campaigns. I especially resonate with the third point about giving users the power to interact with the brand. I do think that this article could have been expanded more with visuals but it is very brief and to the point, which got the point across very clearly.

2. How Letterspacing Can Make All Caps Easier to Read
By Anthony from UX Movement
There is truth to the saying that “a little goes a long way.” I really like these kinds of articles that show the importance of paying attention to the details. It’s definitely tempting to overlook the details but the examples here show a significant difference in adding spaces between letters when communicating in all caps. To me, all caps with little spacing feels a bit like someone with a big ego trying to shove his/her beliefs down my throat. The spacing makes it more approachable and friendly and you can definitely see that.

3. The future of UX: Q&A with industry leaders
By Adam Rector from User Testing Blog
As an aspiring UX designer, I am compelled to stay on top of trends in the tech and startup industry. This is a great collection of wisdom regarding the future of UX and how to continue to stay relevant as a UX designer and researcher. I really like the emphasis on mastering the soft skills of listening and communicating well with others. It’s encouraging to read this because I’m convinced that no matter how far our technology takes us, we are still human. Therefore, solid communication skills and the ability to relate with others will always remain valuable skills.

4. 6 Reasons Not to Test with Users (and Why to Test Anyway)
By Jess Hutton from UX Booth
Usability testing is obviously crucial in creating a great design but it doesn’t come without challenges. This article takes the most common challenges and provides realistic solutions on how one can go about overcoming them. Since I’m intrigued by the research side of UX, I definitely appreciate articles like this that outline realistic solutions to legitimate usability testing hurdles. The writer has a great voice throughout and the article is both informational as well as entertaining.

5. Diverse And Engaging Instances of Interactive Infographic Design
By Babar Suleman from Smashing Magazine
Data visualization is such an interesting concept. Until I attended a workshop on information design, I never saw the value of designing the way information is presented. This article is a beautiful compilation of innovating ways that information is displayed. It really goes to prove that a well-designed infographic can make all the difference in the world in terms of communicating the story. If there’s one article you click on, make it this one. I promise, you wont regret it. This was by far the most intriguing thing I read through.

6. How to Find a UX Design Job: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
By Rain Lieberman from General Assembly Blog
Alright, technically we have three articles here masked as one but since they are in a series, I bunched them together. First of all, I like that the author refers to a typical sheet of paper as A4. Regardless of whether our standard paper size is A4 or letter, I agree with the fact that it’s nearly impossible to tell your life story on just one of them. This series of articles give great advice on how to find a UX job and how to utilize various platforms. It also shows that putting in the effort is important and with diligence, it will pay off.

As you know, I started a CALENDAR page where I list all the events I plan on attending. It’s updated on a weekly basis so be sure to check back every Monday. This past Saturday, I was suddenly hit with things I don’t know and ended up sleeping the whole day. Starting from Friday night, I felt hot and then cold and then hot again and my nose was completely plugged shut. Spring means pretty flowers but spring also means dealing with a body that can’t keep up with seasonal changes. My favorite philosopher says “Winter always turns to spring” but sometimes, spring can be a challenge too. Hopefully, I’m better by Sunday so I can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.




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