What I read this week #2

Recently, I started taking the bus home rather than the subway. This way, I always have access to 4G and can spend more time reading or drafting articles. There are many resources in the world but it’s definitely overwhelming trying to navigate through it. The articles I listed below are only a few of what I read and bookmarked throughout the week. I’m extremely tempted to share everything but I know that a curated collection of is much easier to go through rather than presenting every single thing.

1. How to become a UX/UI designer when you know nothing
By Lindsay Norman from LinkedIn
What a great list of recommendations for the UX newbie! It goes to show that many skills that are picked up from different, seemingly unrelated, industries are definitely transferrable to design and technology. This article also gives great examples of doable things to get me started in this career.

2. UX and the Future of Law Firm Branding
By Jordan Furlong from Stem Legal
I currently work in legal services so this article feels very relevant to me right. I absolutely agree with Jordan when s/he says that “clients are already [building a brand] for them.” Branding is all about how the customers feel. The firms behind the service can only do so much to communicate their desired brand but clients are the true deciders of it. This approach helps me focus on how I can deliver the best service to our clients and enhance the brand of my firm.

3. PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer on Creating an Organization Where Design Can Thrive
By James de Vries from Harvard Business Review
I found Mauro’s presentation at Design Driven #15 to be inspiring so I Googled articles and YouTube videos of his work. He articulates himself well so I enjoy listening to him speak passionately about design. He is very real and honest about the challenges of design and I like that he isn’t shy about sharing them. After all, he reminds us that if we are not facing challenges, then we are not innovating enough.” These are truly wise words.

4. User Experience: What Is It And Why Should I Care?
By Amy Harvey from Usability Geek
This is a great article that covers what UX is from a very holistic point of view. Amy gives the good, the bad and the ugly. She explains it from the technical standpoint as well as the humanities standpoint. She keeps the article as short as she can while condensing alot of information.

5. Adobe launches Experience Design CC, a new tool for UX designers
By Frederic Lardinois from TechCrunch
I saw this on my LinkedIn feed when a friend liked the post. As new tools for designers come out, I wonder how people manage to go on board and learn these tools. I mean, as designers, one of our missions is to make products more instinctual to human behavior so relearning shouldn’t be a burdensome task. I hope that tools that are created for designers follow that principle. When I get comfortable with Sketch, I might eventually pick this up too.

6. The 6 Essential Tools for Every UX Designer
By Hannah Atkin from General Assembly Blog
As opposed to the article before, this one goes backwards in the sense that I first need to familiarize myself with the fundamental tool kit of a designer, rather than upgrading my tools. I haven’t used most of these tools yet but they definitely look promising. I do think that the article forgot one thing – or a few. I’m talking about the good old post-its, pens, papers and whiteboard.

7. 50 Writing Tips From My 15 Years As An Author
By Kevin Kruse from Forbes
I’m always a writer at heart. Articles like these, with 50 beautiful nuggets of writing wisdom, hit so close to home. The more I write, the more I realize that it’s a difficult skill. I once was told that a writer should be reading ten times the amount of content he or she writes. I’m pretty sure that for me, the number is twenty.

8. Engage Users Along Their Journey
By UX Booth, featuring Donna Lichaw from UX Booth
This article focuses on the value of a story-driven design. During college, my thesis mentor constantly reminded me, “don’t tell, show.” I have no idea how many drafts I went through until I was confident enough in my storytelling abilities. I eventually got there and did phenomenally well on my thesis but damn, it really is a challenge. But it’s a challenge I’m always up for.

9. 10 Steps for Identifying Your Transferable Job Skills
By Sharlyn Lauby from HR Bartender
Anyone that is looking for a career change should read this. I am definitely identifying all the skills I picked up in my current position that can transfer into a design and tech career. It’s interesting how any position, no matter how unrelated it appears, can equip you with skills that can be utilized UX.

10. How To Have More Empathy & Sympathy. What Is The Difference?
By Lisa Warner from The Good Human
I forgot when I started following this blog. For as long as I can remember, it has been in my Feedly. They always have great articles that goes back to what we are: humans. This article breaks down the difference between two phrases we often use interchangeably: sympathy and empathy. I like the description and examples that are used but I also like how the article stresses that in order to be empathetic, you need to be vulnerable. That takes courage. Empathy takes courage.

As a goal, I’ll try to keep my list of weekly reads at a maximum of ten articles. Maybe I’ll cheat here and there if I just can’t bring myself to limit it to that. I also have a lot of exciting articles coming up. Prior to launching my first article, I saved up quite a few drafts of blog entries in my Google Drive. I’m currently prioritizing which ones I want to share in what order and getting them completed. I’m excited! I updated my ABOUT page and all my friends said it sounds so “Riri.” Welcome to my blog.




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