What I read this week #1

Welcome to a new segment on my blog: weekly reads. All the articles I read this week have been about familiarizing myself with UX and how other people talk about it. This is a great way for me to organize what I read so I can refer back to them later. Some of the articles I share on this segment are not directly about UX but I will still include them because they’re applicable and relevant.

1. 16 Must-Read Articles for the UX Newbie
By Hannah Alvarez from UserTestingBlog
This is a great collection of articles that helped me build a foundation of what UX is. I especially appreciated how diverse the articles were. They all introduced me to new concepts I should be aware of and pay attention to.

2. Top 10 Blogs for User Experience Designers
By Hannah Atkin from General Assembly Blog
Before, I followed about two or three of the ones on this list. I added them all to my Feedly and am expecting a flood of information. Hannah did a phenomenal job summarizing what the blogs are about and highlighting each of their strengths.

3. What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools and Resources
By Jacob Gube from Smashing Magazine
It’s a lengthy article but Jacob manages to write in a way that keeps readers engaged. He break down the various aspects of UX like a crash course. He has good visuals that refer to the points he makes and gives a realistic point of view on being a UX designer.

4. The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience
By Nick Kellingley from Interaction Design Foundation
I enjoyed this because Nick writes in a way where I don’t need to know all the technical terms used in UX design. He gives great examples that make it easy to relate to and provides anecdotes that are memorable.

5. 4 Myths About A Career In UX Design
By Rosie Allabarton from UX Mastery
People seem to learn more about something when they explore what it isn’t. Ironic, I know. This article breaks down the most common misconceptions about UX. I also liked this article because it breaks down my preconceived notions and gives me confidence to pursue this career.

6. The 8 Secrets of Great Communicators
By Travis Bradberry from Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur is easily one of my favorite blogs. The best line in this article is “When communicating with people we know well, we make presumptions about what they understand—presumptions that we don’t dare make with strangers.” In design, presumptions are often made but it’s crucial to put those aside. The less presumptions, the better the design.

Everyone should get Feedly or any news aggregator application. Even before being interested in UX, I followed a lot of blogs in fashion, career, communications, finance and environment. Now, there are over 400 blogs that I follow and that’ll definitely continue to grow. What are your favorite blogs? Do you have any recommendations of articles I should read? Let me know.



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