My work in design, research, words.

Eisenberg & Baum, LLPAs more people publicly come forth to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment, law firms are stepping in to empower them by representing them in pushing their legal claims.

Frontier Health: A two-sided med-tech marketplace of buyers and sellers, connecting innovators with a network of healthcare providers and clinics. We created a compelling landing page for the seller side to highlight the company’s value propositions.

Bonbids: This platform aims to make people excited about supporting causes they are passionate about. Users try to win cool items by outbidding their friends. We streamlined the end-to-end experience to make it intuitive, eliminating the need for a “How it Works” page.


My UX writing process | Featured as a Medium top story on April 21, 2019
In order to be thoughtful and provide value to users, words need careful attention from the very beginning of the product development process.

Building Diverse Design Teams to Drive Innovation | Published in Smashing Magazine on May 21, 2018
There has been a surge of conversations about the tech industry lacking diversity. Companies are therefore encountering barriers in innovation.

Why attend a UX Hackathon? | Published in UX Booth on August 1, 2017
The emergence of UX-driven hackathons are tackling one of the challenges of UX education by providing participants with an opportunity to learn while creating.

Community Leadership

Empathy Jam is an annual user-centered design and research hackathon that NYC residents to collaborate and feel connected.
Co-producer and Meetup organizer from August 2017 – Present

Dashing Whippets Running Team is a competitive and recreational running team based in New York City, driven by the diversity of its members.
Run host, volunteer coordinator, membership development from November 2017 – Present


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