NYRR R-U-N 5K 2016

My race reflection for Thursday’s NYRR R-U-N 5K is going to be a bit different this time. Unfortunately, the race was cancelled due to the weather. Although I was upset about it, I’m glad that NYRR (New York Road Runners) took the necessary precautions to keep runners safe. On August 11th, they scheduled a social-themed 5K evening race that I was looking forward to. With temperatures past the 90’s and lightning nearby, however, it made sense to cancel the race in its entirety. I still received my 9+1 credit so I wanted to put together a brief reflection.






1. Smooth communication is priority
Considering that everything happened at the last minute, NYRR did an excellent job of communicating important updates. I received instant notifications through text messages and emails. They were also active on social media so we could ask questions and express concerns. They ensured us that we would still get our 9+1 credit. I do think they could have improved the communication stream by planning ahead and anticipating possible concerns that runners may have. Some aren’t members and didn’t care for the credit but they still deserve an answer as to how NYRR will make up for the cancellation. Personally, I would like an automatic entry into next year’s R-U-N race. I hope that NYRR will plan ahead for these types of incidents and continue to improve their communication.

2. Never again with a two-week hiatus
After my last race, I completely stopped running for two consecutive weeks. During that time, I was packed with events, Coursera assignments, shopping for the bachelorette and then spending a few days in Miami for it. Running after two weeks of idleness is pretty bad. It’s brutal because the brain is antsy to run but the body can’t physically keep up. I had gotten to a point where running four miles came easy to me but since my extended hiatus, I went back to the beginning. My body did recover nicely but it’s time to get back on the road. Since then, I made a determination that until I complete all nine races this year, I will stay on top of my training. I’m almost at the halfway mark so I won’t slack off any more than I have.

3. Credit or no credit, I wanted to run
When I heard that the race was cancelled, I was initially upset. I didn’t just register to receive credit. I also registered so I can run it. These races aren’t free so I was in it to make the most out of it. Plus, receiving credit without having to run felt like cheating. But the beautiful silver lining to this situation was realizing just how upset I could get when a running opportunity was taken away from me. I had unknowingly gotten to a point in my running where I genuinely love it. It must mean something that a race cancellation upsets me, right? There are still times when I dread going for a run but knowing that I have developed appreciation for my running opportunities assures me that I have come a long way. Don’t worry though, I’m still a work-in-progress and will keep pushing myself.

What made the cancellation more upsetting was that I could have attended Designing for the Present Future with Socratic Experience Design hosted by IxDA, which was at the same time. This would have been an amazing discussion to participate in. Well, I have the rest of my life so I can’t dwell on missed opportunities. Here’s to four done, five to go. Next weekend on Sunday, August 21st, I have another race (France Run 8K) and then six days later on Saturday, August 27th, I’ve got another one (Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run 2016). After that, on Saturday, September 3rd, I’ll be in the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile. How epic does that sound? It’ll be three consecutive weekends of racing and I’m beyond thrilled!




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