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What I read this week #3

I’m still trying to overcome that barrier of “unachievableness” with UX and design. The tech industry is huge and competitive and I’m constantly bombarded with thoughts of “damn, I’m so tiny.” But as I talk to friends who are successful game designers and web developers, they also feel the same from time to time. I do need to overcome that anxiety and I know that the tech community (at least in New York) is friendly and open and I really appreciate that. Here are some of my picks for articles that I read this week. (more…)


Top 10 reasons to live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

When I moved to Vietnam in October 2012, I went through LanguageCorps to obtain my TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. The program started in Cambodia and for two weeks, I learned about crafting lessons and picked up classroom management skills. Then, I packed up and traveled to Ho Chi Minh City where I completed the program by doing two weeks of teaching practice. One month later, I got my first job at a language center teaching learners of all ages from four to forty. I, then, got my second job teaching Japanese elementary school students at the Japanese School. (more…)


An open love letter to the class of 2011

A few years ago, I wrote an open love letter to my classmates from Soka University of America, or more commonly, SUA, for our alumni newsletter. We called ourselves the “Lucky 7, Class of ’11” because we were the 7th graduating class that graciously exited this wonderful university in May 2011. I went to school with some of the most dynamic, tenacious, bold, courageous and above-all, affectionate global citizens that you can find in the world. There are many incredible people out there but we were like a perfectly curated collection of weirdos who wanted to live, as our mission states, a contributive life. We loved each other to pieces. (more…)


A discussion on defining “organic”

My capstone, also known as my senior thesis, is my proudest academic achievement. I wrote it during my senior year in college (August 2010 – April 2011) as one of the graduation requirements. My topic emerged when I wanted to understand what “organic” meant. I should have just checked with the USDA but I took the long route and don’t regret it. If you went to college with me and never saw a single food book in the library, I probably had it. (more…)


What I read this week #2

Recently, I started taking the bus home rather than the subway. This way, I always have access to 4G and can spend more time reading or drafting articles. There are many resources in the world but it’s definitely overwhelming trying to navigate through it. The articles I listed below are only a few of what I read and bookmarked throughout the week. I’m extremely tempted to share everything but I know that a curated collection of is much easier to go through rather than presenting every single thing. (more…)


Design Driven NYC #15

Earlier this month, I attended Design Driven #15 hosted by FirstMark, an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City. I’m appreciative to them and The New School for hosting this monthly event. They invite incredible people in the industry with inspiring messages. This is a new segment on the blog, “event recap,” where I summarize the event and give my reflections on what I learned. Before March escapes, I want to recap on this event because it was full of great presentations. (more…)


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