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How I learned to trust myself during marathon training

In less than 40 days, I'll be back at the starting line in Staten Island for the TCS New York City Marathon! When I was training last year, I simply wanted to (1) finish and (2) have a great time. This year, my determination is to break four hours. With a little over a month left, I’ve been on a tumultuous physical and emotional roller-coaster journey that has constantly tested my trust in this process. Read more

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What racing bibs can teach us about UX design

I’ll never forget the day I toed the starting line at my first marathon - the TCS New York City Marathon on November 5, 2017 with Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” playing. Years of dreaming and months of training led to that special moment. Four hours and twenty minutes later, I crossed the finish line - an even more incredible feeling. During this, the most crucial item that made the marathon experience exceptional was my racing bib. Read more

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Life & running after Soka Athletics

On a dry summer day in August 2007, I joined Soka University of America’s Cross Country team three minutes before the first workout. That impromptu decision led to four wonderful years as a student-athlete. Since graduating, life has been turbulent and maintaining consistency in training has been a struggle. I want to share how Soka Athletics made me the runner I am today and how they prepared me for post-graduation life. Read more

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NYRR Popular Brooklyn Half 2018

The spring racing season is complete! This past training cycle was extremely successful. I started off the year with a solid PR at the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half in January and did even better in March at the United Airlines NYC Half. The Popular Brooklyn Half on Saturday, May 19th, was my final major race for the season so the pressure was on! Here’s a recap of everything leading up to the Brooklyn Half and how it all went down on race day. Read more

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BAA 5K & Boston Marathon 2018

Last month, I traveled to Boston to immerse myself in marathon weekend festivities to get inspired. This time of the year is when the entire city of Boston comes together to celebrate a global field of remarkable athletes who have put in years and miles of hard work. The experience was awe-inspiring and everywhere I looked was a beautiful display of camaraderie. Here’s a recap of how the trip went down. Read more

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Driving DWRT’s membership development with design thinking

The Dashing Whippets Running Team (DWRT) is an amazing New York City-based running team, driven by the diversity of its members. I love being a Whippet! I’m surrounded by incredible athletes who unconditionally support one another in achieving big goals. In the past few months, I’ve been working with the committee to incorporate design thinking methodologies to improve our membership onboarding experience to increase conversion, and wanted to share a glimpse of this process. Read more

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