Why attend a UX hackathon?

I’m excited to share that my article on UX hackathons, “Why attend a UX hackathon?,” has been published on UX Booth! In this piece, I talk about what UX hackathons are, why they’re valuable and how to make the most of the experience. I got my start as a designer at Empathy Jam last August and realized that they’ve been the best way for me to learn the craft while creating. 

Since the Empathy Jam, I’ve been to a few other UX hackathons and realized that I was getting progressively better about refining my process and tackling problems. I’ve made it a point to document the project I worked on at every UX hackathon that I’ve attended to showcase my process and reflect on my learnings. Earlier this year, I decided I would put together a comprehensive article on UX hackathons to encourage the design community to participate in them by sharing its benefits. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and am excited to share my writing with a large audience.

As reference, here are all the UX hackathons I’ve participated in the past:

I’m looking forward to participating in more and working with new people on compelling challenges. I would love to know what you think about UX hackathons in general and why they’re valuable to you. Leave a comment or reach out to me directly and let’s talk.




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