Nice to meet you!

My name, Riri has two meanings. It comes from the word lyrical, the harmonization of words and music. It also derives from the Japanese word, ririshii, defined as courageous, inspiring, and strong.

I love that nothing in UX is conventional, and my career path into design is a reflection of this. My humanities/liberal arts education from Soka University of America went something like: get one question answered, come up with ten more, get them answered, and come up with a hundred more. I’m endlessly curious and am constantly seeking to understand the context and implications of our world’s problems, which is the core of design work.

I’ve explored careers in non-profit, investment banking, education, and law. The common denominator of what I enjoyed from each pursuit was research. I’ve developed a diverse range of methodologies from a mixed career history that allows me to holistically understand (1) what happened, (2) how we got here, and (3) what we could do. I’m currently looking to transition into UX full-time, while working on projects for Dashing Whippets Running Team, Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, and Frontier Health.

When I’m not doing UX work, I’m mostly writing and sharing some of it on my blog. Writing helps organize my thoughts and challenges me to keep learning since I do a lot of research when exploring various topics. But mostly, I write for myself and I write for fun. I’ve written about design, traveling, running, and life in general. Some of my favorites include:

I run a lot. How else can I justify the volume of food I eat, along with my addiction for athletic apparel? I train with the Dashing Whippets Running Team and race frequently on weekends. My moonshot goals are to qualify for and race the Boston Marathon, break 20 minutes in a 5K, and go sub-6 in the mile. Maybe one day I could break 90 minutes in a half too, but we should start with a more doable goal like sub-1:45 (I’m at 1:48!). Running is fun, I promise!

Thanks a lot for visiting. Here’s a fun blog post to learn more about me. Take a look at some projects I’ve worked on. We should definitely keep in touch. Contact me if you’re interested in working together and chatting about design. I’m always up for logging in miles together and carb loading, if you like that kind of stuff too.



[Last updated in August 2018. Epic header photo is courtesy of Larry Sillen, taken at the NYRR Team Championships 5-Miler race.]