3P, February 9, 2021

I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog, 3P. The three Ps are personal, physical, and professional which are important pillars in my life. In each category, I’ll share thoughts from the day. Personal refers to anything I feel like talking about related to myself. Physical is anything related to working out and exercise. And finally, professional relates to work. I considered additional categories but since the goal is to have a short prompt to help me write more, I wanted to keep it simple.

Personal: Dropping off laundry, for whatever reason, always makes me feel refreshed. Knowing that I’ll have clean clothes in a day gives me joy. I’ve been having a terrible gnat problem because of my enormous plant collection so I bought some terra cotta stakes to limit top watering. I’m testing this on my larger spider plant and monstera.

Physical: I was thrown off by the safety bars on the squat rack being so high. My squats today didn’t feel great since I was self-conscious of knocking the bars on them. But every day that I get to lift, I’m thankful for. I know that not every workout will be a good day. Today was an okay day. I also absolutely hate that the “default” barbell at a conventional gym is the 20kg one for men. When will gyms be more inclusive and start carrying technique bars or the 15kg women’s bar?

Professional: A theme at work has been the value of designing good user experiences during a time of crisis. I’ve always believed that if there is tension and emotion at stake, the effort to advocate for good design should be double. I’m thankful for colleagues that feel this way.

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