3P, February 13, 2021

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and the reopening of indoor dining in New York City. When the return of indoor dining was initially announced, it was supposed to start on Valentine’s Day. Yet, when they made the decision to move it up to two days earlier, they simply said, “Friday.” With so much Asian and Asian-American hate crimes on the rise, the least the government could do is positively highlight traditions of our community.

Personal: Yesterday, I spent hours watering plants and repotting some of them. With a collection of over 60 plants (unofficial, I haven’t actually counted), it’s sometimes easy to lose track of their watering needs. Generally, I’ve acquired plants that are pretty low maintenance when it comes to watering. I’ve sold off or given away the plants that gave me the biggest heartaches. And while it is a challenge maintaining all my plants, dedicating hours to tend to their needs is somehow quite cathartic.

Physical: Today was a rest day. It’s incredible to look at how much I’ve progressed in developing better mobility over the last couple of months. I’ve found mobility drills that work well for me, but I’m constantly trying to learn new ones or apply better ones to fit my needs. I can understand how focusing on range of motion, as opposed to lifting heavier or running faster, isn’t as appealing. It’s hard to see progress. But I trust that all the work in the beginning is going to culminate into something more meaningful.

Professional: When I browse Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s funny how opinionated people are about portfolios and junior designers trying to break into the field. There’s a lot of do this, do that. Don’t do this, don’t do that. I’ve seen a considerable number of portfolios and none of them are perfect, including mine. None of them are fully indicative of who they are and who they could be as designers. Although the portfolio shows more than a resume would, it still doesn’t show everything. If someone has a couple of typos in their portfolio, I don’t immediately assume that they’re a bad designer or writer. I just assume that they might’ve not had enough time to carefully proofread because of other demands in life. If a designer doesn’t specify their particular role in a project but instead uses “we” during the case study, I don’t assume that they are trying to take credit for work they didn’t do. In fact, I’d like to assume that they say that to show they are good team players and can be collaborative. In general, people are trying to break into UX because they’re interested in the field. But for others, the intent might be coupled with a desire to break generational poverty or the need to earn more to provide for their families. They might not always have the time nor resources to craft a perfect portfolio.

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