3P, February 11, 2021

Fortunately for me, winters aren’t as emotionally depressing. I like cold weather. But I absolutely can’t stand how dry my skin feels. One of my cuticles split open after my humidifier broke and I haven’t found a replacement yet. Every retailer is sold out and I’m sure that’s because we all need the moisture.

Personal: The colors I surround myself with impact my mood. I love adding touches of yellow to instill cheeriness. I have a robust plant collection that calms me. Hints of red keep me energized. I find that translating into the clothes I wear too.

Physical: Sometimes, I feel like my technique workout days are more challenging than my heavy days. Heavy days are more physically demanding, both in terms of managing the weight and making sure I sufficiently warm up so I can perform with full range of motion. In contrast, technique days require a lot of focus and cutting out the rest of the noise in my mind. I’m getting better at it.

Professional: Recently, I’ve been thinking about how the last couple of months has been an extreme relief for me. Since graduating college, I’ve always been worried about what my career would look like. For eight years, I struggled to find a place I feel like I belong. I’m so thankful to be on a design team that challenges me. I’m also thankful that my role and industry is experiencing a lot of growth so I can stay active and continue to learn.

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