3P, February 10, 2021

I’m currently listening to Sir Elton John’s “Border Song” and it’s such a profound message. It’s one of my favorite songs by him. I love a good peaceful Wednesday afternoon with calming music.

Personal: Because of lockdown and the remote working life, I’ve started to significantly cut down my meat intake. I no longer cook meat at home. I still cook seafood every now and then. Recently, I’ve started to experiment with meat alternatives and dare I say, it’s so much better than meat.

Physical: I think I have a new power snatch personal best at 27kgs. The power snatch is a funny thing. If I get too comfortable catching in the power position, I forget how to do a regular snatch. And vice versa. For a while, I was getting good at catching the snatch in the bottom of an overhead squat but I finally remembered how to power.

Professional: When I was first getting into UX design, I thought it was pretty cool to mention “stakeholders.” Now, I realized that this label doesn’t do anyone any favors. Instead, I’ve started calling who we traditionally call “stakeholders” as “business partners.” Why? Because I’m a stakeholder too. I think by attaching¬†partner to the discipline (business partner, research partner, design partner, product partner), it puts all of us on the same level and demands the same amount of respect for each of our disciplines.

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