Riri Nagao

UX designer & writer in New York, NY


Reflecting on my running milestones

Earlier this week, I completed the NYRR Retro 5-Miler 2017 race on Sunday, June 4th. This was the first race that I ran last year to start my 9+1 journey to qualify for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon (it was a 4-miler then). You can read my race reflections on it here. In one year, I have experienced more running milestones than I could count. Now that I've come full circle with this race and my marathon training, I want to share some of those significant milestones. Read more

To my dearest epic SUA Class of 2011

I've always talked about how in love I am with my 2011 classmates from Soka University of America (SUA) in Aliso Viejo, California where I pursued my undergraduate studies. Heck, here's the not-so-secret love letter I wrote to them back in August 2012 when we were just one year out of college. I decided to share my life update to my classmates again in the most recent newsletter and wanted to post it here as well so you can read about what I've been up to. Read more

Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon 2017

My fourth half marathon is now in the books! Earlier this month, I completed the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday, May 20th along with 27,440 finishers, making it the biggest half marathon in the country. This race is known to be a crowd favorite for many runners, which explains why it sold out in a record time of 26 minutes. I’d love to share the challenges I experienced leading up to the race and what it was like to run the biggest half in the nation. Read more

I have a runner’s body

Last month, I raced and completed the 14th annual Women’s SHAPE Half-Marathon 2017 on Sunday, April 30th with arguably the strongest women in New York City. This particular race was special because I truly felt the impact of running alongside a diverse group of powerful women all connected by the same language of struggling through 13.1 miles. In celebration of completing this beautiful race, I want to have a discussion on what it means to have a runner’s body and share honest confessions about my personal insecurities. Read more

What I no longer believe

I’m subscribed to Ramit Sethi’s email newsletters and receive great content on entrepreneurship, psychology, personal finance and everything in between. Last week, I received an email from him asking his subscribers, “What do you no longer believe?” It was thought-provoking and got me to reflect on the last couple of years of my life and I felt compelled to share my responses. Here are four things that I no longer believe in and why. Read more

Proto Evil Genius Hack: Where Amazingly Evil Ideas Begin

April Fools' Day is arguably the best time of the year to channel my inner cruelness. I got to do so at the first ever Proto Evil Genius Hack event hosted by ProtoHack NYC on Saturday, April 1st. The challenge: apply design thinking principles to destroy the universe. I’ve done some pretty evil things on April Fools’ Day like feeding people a tub of chilled wasabi and telling them that it’s green tea ice cream but this took it to a new level. Keep reading to find out more about the event, what happened and what I ended up building with my team. Read more