Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m Riri, a UX designer, writer and runner in New York City. I apply humanistic principles to my design work and write about the process here. I just ran my first marathon and am chasing my Six Star Finisher status.

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Design Projects

Eisenberg & Baum, LLP
Revisiting the onboarding experience for incoming workplace harassment clients.

Frontier Health
Defined the company’s value propositions and improved the innovator onboarding journey.

Bonbids Fundraising
Streamlined the end-to-end user journey and increased transparency for bidders.

Life Highlights

Recent accomplishments:
Ran a strong debut NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 5th with a time of 4:20:58 – 46 minutes away from a BQ! Held a successful UX hackathon, Empathy Jam on Saturday, October 28th!

Currently working on:
Two major UX projects for Frontier Health and DWRT. Writing an article for Smashing Magazine. Resting from NYCM and getting ready to close out the year with Ted Corbitt 15K in December.

Upcoming goals:
Transition into a FT UX designer role. Training for the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half. Hope to get into the 2018 Chicago Marathon. In the meantime, write and eat a lot.

Latest Posts

Why I’m running the New York City Marathon

I spent more than half my life thinking that finishing a marathon would be impossible than actually training for one. That’s a long time to be trapped in that mentality but thankfully, I’m not there anymore. Even though I have been actively training for the last year and a half, I don’t think I'd be where I am today without the earlier years of my life influencing this endeavor. This is my story leading up to the New York City Marathon and why I'm finally running it this year.Read more

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How I learned to love and enjoy long runs

Long runs (12+ miles) are arguably one of the most important workouts in marathon training. They help the body get used to being active for a long time and build the confidence that is needed to race all 26.2 miles. On most days, it’s mentally daunting to think about completing a double-digit, 3+ hour run but I’ve found ways to make them doable and more enjoyable. Here’s how I went from dreading them to loving them. Read more

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10 things I stopped saying (or am trying to)

Lately, I’ve started to become more aware of how the expressions I use is a direct reflection of me. The things I verbalize project my sense of conviction and self-worth. A lot of what I used to say diminished that and prevented me from actualizing my full potential. These are the ten things I stopped saying (or am trying to) that have made me a better communicator and overall, a more confident human being.Read more

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Contact Me

I would love to connect and talk about UX design, writing, running and everything in between. I’m always looking to collaborate on projects, learn UX, get long run buddies and spend time with people who love to eat.

Find me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium and Strava or email me directly. Looking forward to hearing from you!