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It’s my blog’s anniversary!

Today is my blog’s one year birthday, hooray! March 26, 2016 was when I published my first post. One of the earliest (and best) pieces of advice I got when I started my transition into UX was to start writing. I opened a blog on WordPress to test how consistent I could be and within six months, I migrated to my own domain here. I’m extremely proud of myself for how far I’ve come but it wasn’t easy. Let me share the biggest lessons from spending my first year publicly writing my thoughts. Read more

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Overcoming my winter training fears

This past weekend, I wrapped up my winter racing season with the NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K on Sunday, March 5th. I want to have an honest discussion on what it has been like to train during the winter. I knew that as I worked up to the upcoming United Airlines NYC Half 2017 and the TCS New York City Marathon, I couldn’t sit idly and let the dreadful winter days pass by. That also meant I needed to overcome my fears of running in the cold.Read more

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Happy birthday to me, I’m old

On Wednesday, March 1st, I turned mad old (28, in case you were wondering). I've been saying that I'm old since I was 16 - yes, I'm that obnoxious one. But if I'm not actually old, at least I'm an old soul. Maybe I'm not old enough to say something like "Oh, to be young again!" but I'm genuinely enjoying the process of aging at the pace that I am. To celebrate, I'm sharing all the reasons why I love where life is at the moment. Read more

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NYC OpenRecords UX Hackathon

As soon as I crossed the finish line at the NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M race, I went to Rise NYC to participate in the NYC OpenRecords UX Hackathon on Saturday, February 25th. We collaborated with the City on the OpenRecords platform to provide everyday New Yorkers access to government records, data and other information. Here is my full recap of the event and what I learned.

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Why do you run?

I have the fortune of saying that my running friends are remarkable examples of athleticism. Their determination to be better than the day before is infectiously admirable. When I started drafting my article on why I run, I decided to ask my friends the same thing. I was blown away. Their willingness to be honest and sincere inspires me to keep pushing forward. It makes me want to train harder, bring down my time and cross every finish line without regrets. I asked, "Why do you run?" and here's what they had to say.

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Why I run

Running has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. This is where I’d share a profound, feel-good story of why I started running if I had one. But I don’t. To be honest, I wasn’t blessed with impeccable hand-eye coordination and running was the only sport I could do without that talent. That’s how it really started. And I just kept going (Yes, a Forrest Gump reference here). These are all the reasons why.

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