Hi, I'm Riri. I'm a UX researcher & writer in NYC.

Hello and welcome!

I’m Riri, a UX researcher & writer from New York City. My academic background is in the humanities and I take a holistic approach to the work I do. I’m also a co-producer of the Empathy Jam, a user-centered research and design event that uses empathy to bring NYC residents together to collaborate and feel connected.

I’m currently working on two UX projects with Frontier Health and Dashing Whippets Running Team and organizing the third Empathy Jam in collaboration with Defy Ventures. I’m also training for a sub-4 finish at the TCS New York City Marathon in November.

Learn more about me, see my work or read my blog.


Eisenberg & Baum, LLP
Revisiting the onboarding experience for incoming workplace harassment clients.

Frontier Health
Defined the company’s value propositions and improved the innovator onboarding journey.

Bonbids Fundraising
Streamlined the end-to-end user journey and increased transparency for bidders.


Driving DWRT’s membership development with design thinking

The Dashing Whippets Running Team (DWRT) is an amazing New York City-based running team, driven by the diversity of its members. I love being a Whippet! I’m surrounded by incredible athletes who unconditionally support one another in achieving big goals. In the past few months, I’ve been working with the committee to incorporate design thinking methodologies to improve our membership onboarding experience to increase conversion, and wanted to share a glimpse of this process. Read more

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Today is my 2nd blogiversary!

Two years ago today on March 26, 2016, I published my first post. 112 blog posts later, I’m happy that I haven’t lost my passion for writing and kept up the momentum. I’m still flowing with ideas and there are many topics I'd like to explore. Last year, to celebrate my first blog anniversary, I shared things that I learned throughout the process of blogging. This year is a roundup of my favorite posts and why they're meaningful. Read more

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United Airlines NYC Half 2018

Breathtaking! My finishing time, I mean. The sights on the brand new route were wonderful but there’s nothing like finishing significantly faster than anticipated. On Sunday, March 18th, I raced through the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan with almost 22,000 runners and smashed the United Airlines NYC Half 2018 with a new PR! This race was my first sub-2 half marathon last year so I was excited for what round two had in store for me. Read more

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It’s my birthday and my last year as a twenty-something

Yesterday on Thursday, March 1st, I turned 29 years old. Happy birthday to me! It's my last year as a twenty-something and I wanted to celebrate by sharing random things about myself and reflect on life. Last year, I published a birthday celebratory piece on why I love life and want to keep this birthday post as a blog tradition. To give this a fun twist, I'm doing an A through Z category post about me. Read more

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I’d love to connect and talk about UX, writing, running and everything in between. I’m open to opportunities and am always looking to collaborate on projects, learn UX, get long run buddies and spend time with people who love to eat. Looking forward to hearing from you!