I’m Riri Nagao, a UX writer at American Express based in New York City. I co-produce the Empathy Jam, an annual collaborative design event.

Sometimes, I write things. I’ve written for Smashing Magazine and UX Booth and this post was featured on Medium as a top story. I run for fun. I like to eat. Read my full bio.

Recent Posts


My UX writing process

I always say, “The less words you want, the more time I need.” This gets to the heart of user experience (UX) writing: in order to be thoughtful and provide value to users, words need careful attention from the very beginning of the product development process. The spotlight is shining brightly on UX writing as an important specialist skill and I’d like to share a glimpse of my process as an integral part of a design team. (more…)


From the archives: Reflecting on learning Vietnamese

When I moved to Southeast Asia in late 2012 to teach overseas, one of the requirements of my training program, LanguageCorps, was to learn the local language. I decided to base myself out of Vietnam so I spent two weeks learning Vietnamese to build empathy for the students I would be teaching. During this process, my teacher encouraged me to take notes and reflect on what I feel, what I learned, and surprising insights.

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Email me at riri@ririnagao.com to get in touch. I’d love to meet over coffee/tea/dim sum/ramen to chat about design, writing, running, food, life, and everything in between. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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